It’s a hard decision to decide whether you need to file bankruptcy or not. Once you take the decision of filing bankruptcy, then you need to take an initial consultation. If you are looking for a credit counselor or a bankruptcy lawyer in Gatineau then you can reach out to doyle salewski Gatineau. Though the lawyer explains you about the bankruptcy chapters like chapter 7 and chapter 13, you can educate yourself by making use of books available in

Few lawyers don’t charge anything while the others charge hundreds of dollars. You should check well in advance on the consultation fees to make yourself ready to pay the amount. You can check for the fee while booking an appointment.

See to that you arrive at the lawyer’s office right on time as they will charge you per hour, and if you arrive there few minutes late, then you may miss the valuable time and in turn change the lawyer’s schedule.

If you and your attorney are working together, then you need to submit few documentations about your financial status to complete the paperwork when you intend to file bankruptcy. Once you file the petition, you should have the documents like assets and debts. Though this article will give you a rough idea of the documents you need, it may slightly vary based on your case.

Bankruptcy can be partitioned into chapter 7 and chapter 13 petition. If you couldn’t make a choice between chapter 7 and chapter 13 petition, then you can get help from an attorney to find which one will be suitable for you.

Basic information which is taken into account when you file Chapter 7 is a listing of your personal property and the value of them. This will include the assets like cash, checking or savings account, pension, collectibles, automobiles, clothing, machinery and any of your assets you could think about. If you need some help in listing down the assets, then the bankruptcy lawyer will help you in listing it down. He will further guide you if the asset your own will fall under claimed exemptions and if it is safeguarded from liquidation. It should have a list of your real estate properties which includes the interest added to the property and the cost of any secured claim. You should further give a list of creditors to whom you owe debts and any security.

Few debts should be addressed quicker and should be prioritized at first. The bankruptcy lawyer will have a better idea on the debts which fall under the secured debts and those which fall under the unsecured debts.

If there are any codebtors in your account then the list of those names and their addresses of the creditors should be submitted to the layer. There is a possibility of your co-debtors getting affected by your filing. The intensity of impact may vary depending on whether you file chapter 7 or chapter 13 of bankruptcy. The bankruptcy lawyer will let you know if he needs any additional information.